What is it with Head Shaving? [AN, PG, PI]

Lately at work and elsewhere I have noticed a phenomenon that I find vaguely upsetting. What is it with 35 and under - usually white - men shaving their heads, ostensibly to hide their baldness? 

I mean, are they fooling us into thinking they are "cool" in a Yul Brenner or Isaac Hayes sort of way? I don't think so. And when their 2:00 shadow appears and we see the pattern of their remaining hair growth they look even more retarded. Shaved heads on a group of white males reminds me of Hitler' Jungsturm. At least they don't wear neckerchiefs and armbands. Not yet anyway.

Everyone has some sort of shortcoming, some are short, some are overweight, some are even cursed with unusually large genitalia; if you are balding, just go with it. There is nothing wrong with going bald, and some of my best friends are losing their hair. True I am sometimes reminded of my uncles on either side of the family and think "momsgenesmomsgenesmomegenes please" but if baldness comes to it I will accept; possibly doing a comb-over as long as I can.

I suggest following George Carlin's advice, leave your hair alone and it will all fall out eventually.

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