Shaving the GPS [FE, T]

GPS (Global Positions Systems) receivers are wonderful devices. In a true example of the "swords to plowshares" concept, here we have a technology designed to let us rain glorious nuclear death upon Ivan (lately of the USSR) courtesy of SAC's B52-G and B52-H 'buff' fleet, instead being used by yuppies enjoying geocaching

With a proliferation of GPS units, I have noticed something that I would like to go on record as quoting a 'catch phrase' that should enter the lexicon probably mid-2008. That term is "shaving the GPS" or it can also be stated as "GPS shaving". What I mean by this is that once you enter the destination, and the GPS unit churns a bit, it tells you where to go and - in most units - has the estimated arrival time. This is obviously calculated via a complex algorithm that is beyond most of our comprehension, but it is every male reader's duty to Shave that GPS

If the estimated arrival time says 5:35, I want at least 2 minutes cut off; I do not care if it is a 4 mile drive to the CVS.

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