10 Ways to Say You Have an iPhone [A, S]

I really like my iPhone, and plan to write a much more detailed article about what it can and cannot do; and what several Websites say it can't do. However, for now I present:

The Top 10 Ways to tell People You Have an iPhone
10) Get a number like (area code) x-474663, so you can say something like "call me at 860 4-iPhone".
9) Have a bumper sticker made that says "iPhone - iGot".
8) When answering a call, be sure to say something like "hello, this is me speaking on my new iPhone."
7) Do not wear a watch; when someone asks the time, pull out your iPhone, and say "the iPhone says it is 10:45."
6) Also wear the matching iHat, iSocks, iBelt and iScarf.
5) Change the ringtone to the sound of Gilbert Gottfried screeching loudly "HELLO, HELLO, there's a call on your new iPhone!"
4) Do not speak about any topic without working the phrase "iPhone" into at least every third sentence.
3) Change your voicemail to say, "I am not available, but be sure to leave a voicemail on my new iPhone, which has the unique feature that shows me a list of voicemails and I can listen to them in any order".
2) Purchase the optional forehead- or chin-mounted iPhone holster.
1) At least 4 times per hour at random intervals wave the iPhone over your head while running in circles yelling "look at me, look at me - I have a frickin' iPhone!!!"

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