2010 Vacation Day 1 [ G I ]

This is the first vacation we have ever had as a family in Europe. It is usually the sheer logistics (and cost) that has hindered us in the past. Not that we haven't gone on vacations, such as Cape Cod (usually), Maine, Pennsylvania, and DC.

Anyway, to make this short and sweet. Home to work no problem, left car and took a limo to Logan (cheaper actually than parking there). Virgin Atlantic to Heathrow was a bit late but they made up time. Virgin was awesome as usual ( I mean what virgin isn't) with service and food that belies the cost of the airfare. And than my father-in-law for treating us to the "extra legroom" seats.

The only real nightmare so far was Customs, seems there's some renovations going on so there were like 5 people for the "non EU" passengers. And I swear there was one "swarthy" gentleman who tied up an inspector for 20 minutes; and after all that - rejected!

After that, on to the train to Terminal 5, then BA to Glasgow. The flight was a bit late, but we got there okay. The rental was ready, and the drive (on the left or "wrong" side) was uneventful, I only clipped one mirror while in the city.

The only issue was the on-line reservation with the Kelingrove, the guy was apologetic and called several times to check but he had no record (we had paid a deposit to someone) and only one room. However he called the Ambassador hotel and they accommodated us for the same rate. Cindy and I had an apartment so it was arguably a better deal.

Given the lateness we didn't plan much of Glasgow, we just walked to dinner. Evan stayed behind as he was very tired. We walked by the Glasgow Botanical GArdens,and may stop in next morning before we depart for the Highland Games.