2008 Predictions Update [AN, PI]

Now, I am not one to sound zenophobic. After all, my camera and car are from Japan, my beer from Belgium and England, clothing from Pakistan, and my gasoline from the Middle East. If you recall, one of my predictions was that China would release a tainted product that would result in a "serious loss of life".

That has thankfully not happened, but the latest craze from China is to use asbestos in child's toys!  And not just once! For those that don't understand why, all industrialized nations and most developing countries understand about quality and purity. Although not as stringent as the German 'Reinheitsgebot', usually you can be assured if you buy something it is not tainted with dangerous or toxic ingredients. In China, as the economy is growing exponentially, competition is of biblical proportions. Subcontractors undercut subcontractors, manufacturers change the type of plastic used if it will save them $2 per thousand. And they do not quite yet grasp the concept of 'critical component' in an item.

I mean could it be any worse? What is next from China, perhaps something akin to Maimway Industries as seen on Saturday Night Live. Here Dan Ackroyd played toy magnate Irwin Maimway, who hawked such gems as Bag o' Glass and Johnny Human Torch Set (oily rags and a lighter). 

My guess is uranium-tainted pacifiers.

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