Beers for Sgt. James Crowley [ E H PI ]

On a scale from 1-10, Sgt. James Crowley should've requested any of these beers.

10. Black Hook Porter (Red Hook Brewing)
9. Haystack Black Porter (Portland Brewing Co.)
8. Blackstone Irish Stout (Blackstone Brewing)
7. Black Cat Stout (Portsmouth Brewing)
6. Nutfield Black 47 Stout (Old Nutfield Brewing Co.)
5. Black Forest (Saranac Brewing)
4. Black Chocolate Stout (Brooklyn Brewery)
3. Wit Black (Wit Brewing)
2. Bing Bear Black Stout (Sonoma County Brews)
1. Arrogant Bastard Ale (Stone Brewing)


Why I Jailbreak [ A G T ]

Why I jailbreak my iPhone.

I want Google Voice. (GV Mobile)
I want to be able to record video on my ancient iPhone 3G. (iPhoneVideoRecorder)
I want to be to be able to tether my iPhone 3G connection to my MacBook via BlueTooth (MyWi)
I want to be able to stream live video with sound (Bambuser)
I want themes themes themes (Winterboard)
I want to force apps - when appropriate - to run in the background (Backgrounder)
I want to be able to simulate the quality of a 4 Mp camera (ClearCam)
I want 5 icons in the "Dock" (5 Icon Dock)
I want digital zoom and the option to select lighting type (e.g. fluorescent) for the camera (Snapture)
I want pictures to appear in the list of names, not just each individual entry (Cyntact)
I want to be able to download and save files from websites (Safari Download Manager)
I want to be able to email said files as attachments (iFile)

And "yes" I have donated to all who requested donations for their products.


Apple Tablet Musings [ A T ]

Here is what I think the new Apple Tablet will have, and I have to admit the idea is not mine but a concept a late friend came up with about 20 years ago in design school. This is why I think the tablet will be "revolutionary".

The tablet will have a slot for the iPhone to pop in; like a PCMCIA card or ExpressCard slot. The tablet will run OSX (albeit not as powerfully as MacBooks) but be able to also run iPhone Apps on-screen. The game Apps will be upscaled so they will still look quite good on the larger screen.

The Tablet will also use the iPhone's 3G/Edge data connection, as well as the WiFi connection, which will keep the Tablet's pricepoint lower.

For those without iPhones, there will be an accessory "cage" (maybe 3rd party) with a slot for your phone's SIM card and WiFi support.