Predictions for 2008 [G]

Mark's Predictions for 2008

1) Gasoline prices will top $4.50 by mid-year, then will fall precipitiously and by year’s end will drop to around $2.50 or less.

2) The proliferation of benevolent GPS technology will lead to a lack of arguments while driving; resulting in the US divorce rate dropping to a post-WWII low.

3) A China export – whether it is tainted foodstuff, a deadly toy, or counterfeit drug – will result in a serious loss of life. It may be a stressed population like the elderly or children, but there will be victims numbering in the hundreds or thousands.

4) When the writer’s strike is finally settled, it will turn out viewers did not care there was a strike. They were content to watch re-runs, their DVD collection, and video downloads.

5) J. K. Rowling will be unable to resist the lure and officially announce an 8th book in the Harry Potter mythos.

6) Apple's  iPhone will outsell BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices, and become the most popular mobile Web browsing device of 2008 (oh wait, this happened already!)

7) DNA analysis of hair and scat samples from the creature known colloquially as Bigfoot or Sasquatch will confirm that the creature is a real,  separate species possibly a Gigantopithecus or Neanderthal.

8) The XM/Sirius satellite radio merger will finally be allowed to take place. However, a family’s use of satellite radio will result in fighting over Comedy vs. Stern vs. Broadway vs. Oprah vs. NPR vs. NASCAR. This will increase divorce rates, resulting in a zero sum gain offsetting GPS user's reduced divorce rates.

9) The beleaguered Tesla Motors in California will not ship their electric sports car in 2008; due to well publicized problems with transmissions and senior management, they will not ship until 2009.

10) Several of 2008's notable returns – such as the Indiana Jones movie and Gladiators on TV – will tank due to lack of viewer interest.

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