DVD Format Wars Almost Over? [AN, PG, T]

I love technology. Not in a sick sort of Michael Jackson sort of love, but a clean, wholesome manly John-Wayne-holding-his-best-girl's-hand-in-the-sunset sort of love for all things that have blinking lights, backlight screens and that go "bing". So why do I not have either an HD-DVD or a Blu-Ray DVD player to go with my 50" plasma? Well, precisely because there is the choice of either an HD-DVD or a Blu-Ray player!!

I mean I could buy a combo player, which on my bonus I doubt, or just make the plunge and choose, but that would be making the metaphorical "Sophie's Choice" between Harry Potter and the Matrix. You also have to marvel at the pig-headedness of the company executives; does no one recall the great format war of last millennium; the great Beta vs VHS debacle? I won't mention the AM-stereo format war, as I was until now only one of 17 people aware there actually is AM stereo available, much less a war (perhaps skirmish is more accurate?).

Manufacturer's usually try to agree on a format so that their equipment is interoperable. Look at electrical wall plugs (true they differ for each country, but that's a future rant); CDs, pencils and pencil sharpeners for heaven's sake. For major companies in this day and age to have two competing formats is irresponsible and reprehensible. 

Which brings me to this - the HD-DVD Group has cancelled a press conference at this year's CES, as Warner has chosen to go Blu-Ray exclusively. Looks like it's Blu-Ray, which although the spelling is puerile it is easier to pronounce.

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