Homeland (in)Security [AN, G. P]

As one can see, the good ol' boys at the TSA don't catch everything. In the case of a utility knife, here's is what happened. An older gentleman in front of me had a Swiss Army Knife about 1-1/2 inches long. He did not know that this was a danger and forbidden. In the excitement and zeal to stop this potential terrorist, the person behind him (me) was essentially ignored. 

Now it is true, that is a "safety knife" sort of utility knife, but one could still do some serious damage with it. Sort of makes me wonder if airport security lines are really worth it.

In a related note, on a different flight the TSA did confiscate a friend's IKEA horseradish. Now to be fair to the TSA if she had somehow been able to use her 115-pound frame to disable the Air Marshall and break open the door to the cockpit, she could have certainly blinded the pilots, leading to disaster.

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