Elmo Mystery Solved [G PI T]

You read it here first. Apparently someone has a new "Elmo Knows Your Name" toy that - after changing batteries - she thinks it is saying to her son "kill James". Now, I do not want to burst her bubble of either that toys are now sentient or that Fisher Price will pay her a lot of money, but this is what is happening.

One of the names in the database from Fisher Price is "Keir" somehow that got chosen as the name to say. It is exactly what this Elmo is saying.

It could be worse - at least Elmo didn't say "wang" or "vivia2" (sounds like "vulva") or he would be accused of sexual harassment!

Oh - and the name "clint" does not sound like Clint.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like Elmo is saying two words, So is he saying "Keir Keir" or something? Either way, not sure this is newsworthy in the slightest. I thought he was saying something like "I'm going to kill you, you stupid mo-fo child, I will slice you up into pieces, bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha" based on how this got reported in print.

OpusMark said...

I agree it is not newsworthy but it DID make the TV news in Florida. As it took me literally all of 7 minutes to figure out Elmo was NOT saying "kill", I figured either it was irresponsible journalism or a slow news day.