2010 Vacation Day 6 [ G I ]

August 4 was a slow start, as everyone (me included) slept a bit longer. We scaled back some of my suggestions to just mostly Edinburgh castle and the castle area, such as part of the royal mile. We took a cab up as the road is really steep, and Cindy’s dad uses a cane occasionally. We got to see the setup for the Military Tattoo, a bagpipe and drum corps competition. Thankfully we won’t be there as the entire city is apparently “wild” as the hotel attendant told us.

One thing I didn’t mention was one of the challenges in driving on the lef LOOK OUT LOOK AT THAT!! (What? Where? Oh you’re speaking about the interesting building over there, and not the traffic conditions.) Yes, Cindy’s dad was very comment-ful and TURN HERE!! HERE!!!!! (no I’m following the GPS) very helpful with directing my driving.

The castle itself is mainly a museum to Scottish history, as well as the castle history itself. It has such things as the war museum, and a museum to Scottish forces in global and local conflicts. There are churches and even a cannon firing. These words do not do it justice at all.

One thing that was amazing was the absolute pushiness of some of the tourists. I’ll have to write separately but Italians and French are pushy, but no more than the worst New Jerseyians, However the Spaniards are amazing – it is as if any rules of humanity do not exist.

After Edinburgh castle we walked part of the “Royal Mile” which as near as I can tell a craftily orchestrated tourist trap. A lot of nice things, but really with the visitor to Scotland in mind. We did see a cute character in costume outside the Whiskey Museum. He was a large shot of whiskey, and although not named we christened him "Cirrosey, the Whiskey Mascot." I believe he was handing out whiskey-flavored lollipops to the kids. Avery and I went to the Scottish Monument as well.

I also tried to have a beer but in a perfect example of "reverse pendulum" was I couldn't get an ale with him in tow. The first place - Rose Street Brewery - said a child with you couldn't be under 18; I said he wasn't drinking, but the rule was "if the child can see the bar you can't bring him in." I offered to put Avery's eyes out, but I do not think the barmaid understood my humor. The next bar he could go into (he wanted to eat after all) but he had to be 14; and not knowing this I answered honestly "13." I settled for a sandwich with a Mountain Dew.

We then met up with everyone and took a cab to the airport. We arrived late but safe, on to Slough. Tomorrow London, Greenwich, and the Prime Meridian.

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