2010 Vacation Day 2 [ G I S ]

Avery and I went out walking near the River Kelvin at around 6:00 AM. We went over the Ha’penny bridge and then back around to the hotel. We all had breakfast and left Glasgow for Loch Lomond. This is one place where Cindy’s mom’s ashes were to be scattered. There we saw the most amazing tree, and then we headed to Oban then to Kilmore for the Highland Games.

We arrived just as the rain broke – it was very sunny for about an hour. We watched hammer throws and other manly events; some of the female contestants were fairly manly, as well. Then up the A828 over Loch Etive (a one-lane converted railroad bridge) and Loch Creran (with a real two-lane bridge) to Fort William. We dropped stuff at the Nevis Bank Inn (just renovated, great score for a hotel) and then to Glen Nevis area for more scattering.

Glen Nevis is this nature preserve with some amazing scenery and a lot of waterfalls and streams. The spot chosen was on the edge of an undercut, deadly raging stream (as opposed to the placid brook Evan suggested that flows into said stream, I could see headlines now: “man watches in mock horror as spouse, father-in-law and sister-in-law perish, but I digress). This done we stopped near the foot of Ben Nevis (highest mountain in Scotland) for pictures.

We then went to the hotel, and back into town for dinner. We ate at a great restaurant, No. 4, and Evan tried Haggis (sheep heart, lungs, liver mix cooked in the stomach, very “hearty”). I had a great Scottish grass-fed steak, cooked as some know just barely.

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