Why I Jailbreak [ A G T ]

Why I jailbreak my iPhone.

I want Google Voice. (GV Mobile)
I want to be able to record video on my ancient iPhone 3G. (iPhoneVideoRecorder)
I want to be to be able to tether my iPhone 3G connection to my MacBook via BlueTooth (MyWi)
I want to be able to stream live video with sound (Bambuser)
I want themes themes themes (Winterboard)
I want to force apps - when appropriate - to run in the background (Backgrounder)
I want to be able to simulate the quality of a 4 Mp camera (ClearCam)
I want 5 icons in the "Dock" (5 Icon Dock)
I want digital zoom and the option to select lighting type (e.g. fluorescent) for the camera (Snapture)
I want pictures to appear in the list of names, not just each individual entry (Cyntact)
I want to be able to download and save files from websites (Safari Download Manager)
I want to be able to email said files as attachments (iFile)

And "yes" I have donated to all who requested donations for their products.

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