Apple Tablet Musings [ A T ]

Here is what I think the new Apple Tablet will have, and I have to admit the idea is not mine but a concept a late friend came up with about 20 years ago in design school. This is why I think the tablet will be "revolutionary".

The tablet will have a slot for the iPhone to pop in; like a PCMCIA card or ExpressCard slot. The tablet will run OSX (albeit not as powerfully as MacBooks) but be able to also run iPhone Apps on-screen. The game Apps will be upscaled so they will still look quite good on the larger screen.

The Tablet will also use the iPhone's 3G/Edge data connection, as well as the WiFi connection, which will keep the Tablet's pricepoint lower.

For those without iPhones, there will be an accessory "cage" (maybe 3rd party) with a slot for your phone's SIM card and WiFi support.

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