App review - Snapture [ A, G, T]

As part of my 2010 resolutions; I will be parroting my iPhone App reviews posted to iTunes.

I had Snapture back when it was only for jailbroken iPhones (unlocking of underlying file structure). Has a lot of great features, plus the whole screen being the camera trigger is an option way overdue from Apple.

Note to the mouth-breathers who claim the digital-zoom pictures are "blurey" or not sharp, please revise your reviews.

The term "digital zoom" means just that, a static image is enlarged, which enlarges individual pixels which affects image quality in a detrimental way. As opposed to an "optical zoom" which uses "optics" or "lenses" to magnify the image; which remains sharp and detailed. And no amount of post-processing (what you see on CSI notwithstanding) will sharpen a 5x digital zoomed photo to the quality of a Hasselblad with a Leaf digital back, even if you used a Cray XMP or IBM Deep Blue as your host!

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