USeless Air redeux [ A ]

It may seem like I pick on them, but they invite it so; actual email
from USAir. {Note my comments in brackets}

We're bringing back free drinks On March 1, we're bringing back free
drinks in our Coach cabin. {because no one was paying $2 for a can of
warm soda} This includes sodas, juices, tea, coffee and water on all
US Airways and US Airways Express flights.

We believe in our pay-for-what-you-choose-to-use – or "a la carte"
– business model {if we didn't some idiot executive would lose the
ginormous bonus they got for this hare-brained scheme}, but it's a

We are committed to remaining competitive {also note US Airways
President William Douglas Parker gets 1.47 million a year} and that's
the main reason we have decided to bring back free drinks. {most of us
still hate you, drinks notwithstanding}

You still have the choice to only pay for the things you want – like
checked bags, Choice Seats or First Class upgrades. {how about
arriving on-time, or enough legroom to let the "boys" breathe?} And,
those services will continue to be free for our Preferred members.
Always get the latest news and our best offers at usairways.com.

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