New Idea [FE T]

Here's an idea, I  had it when watching an X-Files Season 1 DV (episode Tooms). 

You've heard of colorizing movies, right? This is where a black & white film is computer enhanced with color.   Now some critics say this detracts from the file (sure) but proponents emphasize how it opens up a film to a wider audience. Some critics claim it is an affront to the director and writer, whose work should not be subverted or significantly altered.  Now if you have seen movies cut up, sped up and significantly edited on TV, this argument is moot. My favorite - during the Nancy Reagan "just say 'no' to drugs" heyday was the immortal line in Caddyshack; wherein Ty Webb (Chevy Chase) asks caddy Danny Noonan "Do you take drugs, Danny?"  "Yes sir, every day"  "Good" which was reduced to the puerile answer "No sir" for TV viewing. 

Next thing you'll tell me is the super hot alien SIL in in Species I & II I saw on TV wasn't originally wearing a black bikini in most scenes...

Anyway, back to my idea. In the X-Files I noticed Mulder using what looked like a shoebox held to his head to make a cell phone call.  My idea is called Modernization. Like colorization, it removes anachronistic items from movies, such as 8-track players, old cars, '50s hairstyles. 

Similar to what Steven Speilberg did with removing the guns from ET, it allows me to watch a movie without saying "that's a record player...   that's a carburetor...   no that was before airbags...  yes, that's an instant picture he is peeling off... "

My next idea would be nudization, and I'll explain sometime what that will do.

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